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“E. coli Protein Challenge” Promotion from KanPro Research, Inc.

Customer provides:

  • Adequate amount of the template for PCR amplification of the targeted Open Reading Frame

  • Adequate genetic and biophysical information of the target protein

  • Detailed descriptions of negative results from previous experiments if there are any

  • Intended application(s) of the protein for better processing and preservation of the protein

“Protein Challenge” from KanPro includes:

  • Construction of E. coli expression vector(s)

  • Expression screening

  • Induction of the target protein from 1L of E. coli culture

  • Protein purification (testing conditions for tag-removal if necessary)



  • There will be no charge, if the yield is below 1mg/liter culture,

  • $3000 per protein project upon the delivery of the targeted protein

  • Complete record of the negative results will be available at negotiated price


Deliverables for successful projects:

  • Full project report

  • Purified protein (at least 1mg/liter of culture, purity at least 85% by SDS-PAGE gel)





Lily Tian,

Office Manager

KanPro Research, Inc.

Bioscience & Technology Business Center

2029 Becker Drive, Suite 235

Lawrence, KS 66047

E mail:

Phone: (785)-330-3226


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