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Targeted clients will look for a protein production service with specific skill sets and technological expertise that they do not possess or wish to establish for themselves. The corporation will also focus on using the cell-free expression system and refolding method to produce challenging proteins, often failed by other vendors. 

Molecular biology services

Genomic DNA preparation


Primer design and optimization of challenging PCR


PCR construction of insertion, deletion, mutation and fusion. 


Cloning and Subcloing of genes (including toxic genes)


Large scale plasmid production

Protein production services

Protein production from E. coli

Protein production from Yeast

Protein production from Baculovirus/Insect Cells

Protein production from Mammalian Cells

Protein production from Cell-free system

We specialize in challenging protein production. We provide tailored service to your specific needs, design smarter and more efficient process and make a difference in your research and business.

Equipment acquisition

Want new equipment?

We can help you to get the most cost effective model you need with big discount.


Need used equipment?

We can help you find the best deal available.


We provide advice and consultation in many aspects of protein production, from primer to protein.


We find practical applications and seek support from industry to translate your basic research science to products.


Custom synthesis of peptide


Protein and DNA marker


E. coli competent cells


Recombinant proteases


E. coli cell-free lysate


We provide training, access to equipment, and custom services in many aspects of protein production, from primer to protein.

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