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KanPro Research, Inc. Executive Summary

Business Description


KanPro Research is a contract research organization (CRO) headquartered in the Bioscience & Technology Business Center at the University of Kansas. The company is based on successful operations of the KU Enzyme Lab, KU Biochemical Research Services Lab and the KU COBRE Protein Production Group (PPG). The company is specializing in large scale recombinant protein expression and purification from bacterial, yeast, insect, mammalian cells to cell-free systems. KanPro Research seeks partnership with academic and industrial researchers to develop contract research projects, produce challenging proteins failed elsewhere, and provides large scale, high margin services to commercial and other research labs. Protein production is supplemented by manufacturing and testing biochemical reagents, kits, and equipment. Professional advice and consultation services are also provided.


Mission Values


KanPro Research is a dedicated protein services to pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies as well as academic institutions of all sizes, advancing their research efficiency and core competitiveness and ultimately improving their productivity. The company offers a full spectrum of protein expression and purification methods to achieve the ideal levels of protein activity and purity for downstream applications. Through the use of customized solutions and flexible production scales, partnership with our clients ensures efficient and high quality production of biologic for research purposes.


Projects will be managed by staff with extensive experience to ensure a quick turnaround time, high yield, and consistency. Staff with extensive research experience will manage incoming projects in order to ensure efficient turnaround time, high yield and consistency. Backed by years of experience, and cutting-edge technology, KanPro Research will work with the clients to deliver high quality, desired results. The company hopes to achieve recognition within the scientific community by building a superior reputation for quality, reliability, and timeliness.


Market and Competition


Protein production is a crucial process for groups involved in high throughput screening, functional validation and structural biology. In general, protein expression and purification are labor intensive and time consuming and to have sufficient amount of proteins at a desirable purity is often the bottleneck of a research project that ranges from structural biology to drug discovery.


The need for outsourcing protein production has been exponentially growing/experience significant growth s during the past decade. Today, a paradigm shift, within large pharmaceutical and academic research institutions exists, where they are cutting internal R&D efforts resulting in an increased desire for greater efficiency at a lower cost. Estimates of the protein CRO market size vary, but as a standard, at least 550 CROs worldwide trend a revenue of over $24 billion, with a projected 10-20% annual growth rate for the next decade. A handful of giants, with headquarters in China, dominate the landscape (e.g. GenScript and Novaprotein), in addition small and medium-size CROs serving the market. Most CROs offer a wide variety of services and support which increases the competitive nature of the industry. The business is highly competitive, so customers seeking protein production services are in abundance. Because of the vast number of companies in the industry, customers must select the services they need from a vast menu of options, which can be overwhelming. It is a challenge for customers to find a reliable domestic CRO that can deliver consistently high -quality services.


Targeted clients will look for a protein production service with specific skill sets and technological expertise that they do not possess or wish to establish for themselves. The corporation will also focus on using the cell-free expression system and refolding method to produce challenging proteins, often failed by other vendors. By leveraging our scale of resources, breadth of experience, and leading-edge technology, the corporation will provide high-quality services targeting the regional biomedical market through collaborations with academic research labs, biotechnology and bio-reagent companies. The first year of revenue is anticipated to reach $150,000 with gross profit margin about 45%. We anticipate double the revenue every year for the first 3 year of the operation.


Core Business


  1. Molecular biology services: cloning and mutagenesis, plasmid construction

  2. Large scele protein production services: expression, purification and optimization

  3. Contract research and translational research on protein refolding, stabilization, evolution, characterization, and modification

  4. Products: custom peptide, protein and DNA marker, cloning kits, protein production and purification kits and equipment, E coli cell-free lysate

  5. Technical training in molecular biology and protein production


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