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Lab Technician


Job Duties:


30% - 1.  Conduct research in cloning genes and making constructs for proteins expression in E. coli and mammalian systems

50% - 2.  Downstream bio-processing of proteins for various applications.

10% - 3.  Purchasing supplies and managing inventory.

10% - 4.  Keeping detailed notes and records pertaining to all research work, and writing detailed final reports for the project.


Required Qualifications:


1.  Bachelor's degree (by time of appointment) in biochemistry, chemistry, biology, bio-engineering or a related field.

2.  At least 6 months in (1) DNA cloning and site-directed mutagenesis and (2) protein expression and purification.

3.  Strong written communication skills as evidenced by application materials.


Preferred Qualifications:


1.  Master's degree in biochemistry, bio-engineering or closely related field.

2.  Bachelor's degree in biochemistry, microbiology or closely related field plus at least half year of full-time laboratory experience in cloning and protein expression and purification.

3.  Experience in any or all of the following:  large-scale expression and purification of protein; enzyme assays using UV or fluorescence; DNA cloning, site-directed mutagenesis and use of restriction enzymes; use of baculovirus or mammalian expression systems; use of affinity, size exclusion and ion exchange chromatography; use of SDS-PAGE electrophoresis or HPLC.

4.  Experience organizing data and preparing reports using standard presentation software (e.g. Microsoft Office).

5.  Strong oral communication skills.

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